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  6. DallasBED

    I have a hard time finding a provider of offshore company formation. One guy from another forum suggested Equity Trust in New Zealand. But I've never cosidered New Zealand as a jurisdiction for my offshore company, because it is not cheap and located so far. On the other hand, when every country is creating antioffshore policies, it is important to work in jurisdiction, which is not considered as offshore. So what do you think about it?

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  7. CliftonMeda

    I would recommend Equity Trust International as offshore company register. Check their website: the way they provide services not only in New Zealand, but in Belize and Vanuatu as well.

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  9. Williamcut

    Need an advice about offshore company formation
    I'm considering setting up an offshore company to provide financial services. It appears to me that New Zealand is the best option for it as reputation is very important in my case. Does anyone have any opinions on that? I heard that Equity Trust International is quite reliable. Has anyone heard about them or can suggest another company who offer company formation services in New Zealand?

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