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  1. 2013.12.05 롤챔스 윈터 LIVE - 12월 6일 금요일! CJ Frost vs JIN AIR F
2016년 이전글 2013.12.05 13:14

12월6일 금요일, 오늘 저녁 6시 30분!!
CJ Frost vs JIN AIR F
더욱 흥미진진해지는 롤챔스 윈터 시즌의 현장을 놓치지 마세요!!

LoL KMPlayer에서!


 Today is the day for 16th round of LoL CHAMPIONS Winter 2013-2014!
Enjoy and feel the 16th round excitement through KMPlayer at 18:30 pm! [Time zone



CJ Frost vs JIN AIR F

★World Time★
Taiwan: 05:30 pm

Los Angeles: 12:30 am
Moscow: 12:30 am
London: 08:30 am
Paris: 09:30 am
Newyork: 03:30 am
Mexico city: 02:30 am
Sydney: 07:30 am
Jakarta: 03:30 pm
Cape Town: 10:30 am
Vancouver: 12:30 am
Dubai: 12:30 pm

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